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Cancer Patients Need Your Immediate Support

Coping with the Covid-19 pandemic has been challenging for most of us. However, the plight of cancer patients has largely gone unnoticed. As their immunity is relatively much lower, they are more vulnerable to infections. They not only have to go the extra mile to be safe from the wrath of Covid-19, but they also have to battle cancer during these unprecedented times. Your support is required to provide medicines and other basic supplements to 50+ cancer patients and survivors.

Due to the unforeseen situation created by the Covid-19 pandemic, many of the individual/corporate donors are unable to support Cancer Patients Aid Association (Pune) in these times. But they cannot stop supporting their patients. At present, they provide for around 50 patients on a monthly basis for medicines and ration supplies through their Pune branch.

Since they are not able to support their patients with food grains due to the current pandemic they are trying to support them to the maximum cost of their medicines which is becoming increasingly difficult for them in the current situation.
Due to the lockdown their office is closed but their patients need the medicines for chemotherapy on time.

They are coordinating with their chemist to ensure the same. Cancer patients are vulnerable to any infection as their immunity is low. CPAA are trying to give them medicines for at least the next two months so that they do not need to travel.

CPAA is working closely with their network hospitals and chemists. We request your support to ensure that the treatment of their patients is not hampered in these difficult times.

Your support and generosity for the cancer patients mean a lot to CPAA, which allows them to continue their work and help patients to remain safe and healthy.

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Cancer Patients Aid Association

The commitment of Mr. Sapru, CPAA’s Founder Chairman and CEO, to cancer patient’s care dates back to 1969 when he came upon a young child in need of cancer treatment. That encounter worked as a catalyst for the ultimate growth into a mammoth mission of Total Management of Cancer.

Following the philosophy of ‘Total Management of Cancer’, Cancer Patients Aid Association, with the experience of more than half a century, addresses cancer as a health crisis amongst patients who neither have access nor can afford treatment in facilities in Pune, Mumbai and New Delhi. Working alongside esteemed medical fraternity, CPAA focuses not only on treatment but on activities encompassing Awareness, Early Detection, Support for treatment, Guidance and Counselling, Rehabilitation, Research Studies and Advocacy. With its expertise and experience, it now mentors other health care organizations across India. 


CPAA Pune branch is 23 years old. Here, they provide budgeted medical and radiation aid, food grains and supplementary diet to their patients. 

CPAA Mission

CPAA’s Mission is to be an all-encompassing cancer help agency that works towards patient care, aid and assistance, awareness, early detection, rehabilitation and advocacy.

CPAA Approach

The organization considers provision of cancer treatment alone as not a long-term solution. It seeks to identify and address the reasons for the proliferation of cancer crises. 

Our Approach

Support CPAA Provides To Patients

Based on the profile of patients, CPAA supports their patients in various ways including Medicinal Support, Diagnostic Support, Monthly Ration, Supplement Foods to increase their immunity, Mentoring Sessions and Livelihoods/Skill Training. 














Let's Fight Cancer Together