Support For Self-Employment

Support Head Held High’s fundraising campaign to save the rural youth from the disruptive effects of COVID-19. Help them escape the poverty trap and live a dignified life. To make India self-reliant and to set these youth up for success, let’s create support for self-employment!

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Head Held High Foundation has identified 20 young people (from Koppal) as needy beneficiaries and intends to help these youth start up at the village level and be in a position to generate sustained income over the long run. They want to help change the lives of these underprivileged youth by harnessing the collective humanity.

Agriculture and small scale industries in the villages employ more than half of the workforce of our country. In the current environment, the employment potential of these sectors has diminished. In conjunction with the jobs shrinkage in cities, this represents a real crisis for migrants and the rural population, particularly youth.

The pandemic crisis has serious psychological and economic implications for rural youth. Their future is uncertain and at stake since the sectors that they heavily depend on, have been badly hit. There are parts of rural and small-town India  (including places like Koppal in Karnataka) that need support in order to get back on their feet. It’s time for the rest of us to step in to help.

The Head Held High Foundation believes that rural self-employment can provide a path to financial security for these youth. They have successfully tested this model through a community-based setup in Wadi,  Karnataka where, since 2019, 30 women have been engaged in producing bags and other textile products for city markets. Now the goal is to help a group of youth start small businesses aimed at their communities.

“The Head Held High Foundation strives to eradicate rural poverty in India.”


About Us

Head Held High Foundation

Head Held High, a prominent non-profit organisation in Bangalore has been working towards eradicating poverty for over 10 years now. Through their ‘Make in India’ programme, they have been able to reach out to poor families living in rural and highly marginalized communities — a majority of them being girls. The organisation provides skill-development training to these people and instills confidence in them to leverage these skills.

Through their Antar Prerna Centers, which are basically transformation centres, they provide educational and skill-based training to people in rural areas. They have  transformation centres in 65 locations across 19 states in India. During the countrywide lockdown, the organisation has supported more than 7,000 families across 11 states with dry ration kits, supplying more than a million meals in the process.

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HHH's Approach

HHH's Approach to support Micro Start-ups


Help a group of 20 youth to each identify a viable business idea aimed at their local community.


Provide a mini-grant of Rs 10,000 to each of them.

mentor (1)

Mentor and support them for one year through an ecosystem of volunteers and partners.

Business Models

Successful Business Models Identified by HHH


HHH's Partners & Supporters

you can provide livelihoods to 20 rural youths