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We have the power to ensure a bright future for the Specially-Abled children from Davangere slums by proving them good education, medical and physiotherapy support.

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Let's make the world a better place for children with disabilities

Stigmas on disability are very much prevalent in rural India. Differently-abled children like them are subjected to a lifetime of hardship and humiliation and due to lack of education, they are unable to break free from the shackles of poverty and illiteracy.

Arjun, Karan and Bindiya are siblings who dream of changing the world. Arjun plays with¬† handmade wired ropes hoping that some decades later, he would use a stethoscope in place of these wired ropes, and provide free services to the ones ‘like him’. Bindiya sees herself teaching a group of children who have been cornered by our society so that they do not have to struggle with illiteracy as she has been.

Subbaraj wants to help his aged grandma when he grows up to be a man. After losing his parents at a tender age, she is all that he has. Suman does not want to be a teenage bride like her sisters. She wants to serve people and reach out to them to promote free education so that they aren’t deprived of their basic rights as she has been.

Suma and Priyanka are orphaned siblings who dream of flying a plane someday. Every time they hear the sound of a plane, they run with joy to get a sight of that minute plane in the vast blue sky.

What connects these children is their urge to change the world and the life that they live. Arjun, Bindiya, Karan, Subbaraj, Suman, Priyanka and Suma are differently-abled children living in Karnataka’s Davangere district which has successfully made it to the list of 250 most backward cities and districts in India (in terms of poverty). Their parents are daily wagers who earn 150 rupees per day, and neither owns a land nor a stable shelter. As a result of this, they are unable to meet the medical and educational needs of their specially-abled children.

"When I grow up, I want to be a doctor and help children 'like me' so that they don't have to suffer as I have been. I need your support to achieve my dreams so that I can help others in need!"

(One of the specially-abled students)

Our Approach

Support Sankalpa organization provides to children

Based on the profile of children, Sankalpa supports them in various ways including Medicinal Support, Physiotherapy Support, Monthly Ration, Supplement Foods to increase their immunity, Education, and Trainings.













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SANKALPA Organization R.

Sankalpa Disabled Education and Rural Development Organisation has been functioning since 2007 in order to foster inclusive education. The organisation has helped a number of differently-abled individuals achieve their dreams through various child welfare programmes, awareness sessions and skill-development training.

Realising that economic independence is the only way out for them, Sankalpa has set out to promote and provide educational opportunities to these underprivileged, marginalized, differently-abled children. They firmly believe that education is the key to economic independence.

Now it’s your turn to stand beside these vulnerable segments of our society and strive towards making India inclusive by ensuring a bright future for these differently-abled kids! Help us realise the abilities of the specially-abled. Donate today!

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