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A Social Network For Global Changemakers

Wishonary is a collaborative community of social workers, grassroots organizations, meaningful companies and conscious individuals, who come together to create and deliver the most effective and befitting social innovations and solutions to the last mile communities. We believe that large scale problems can only be solved through convergence and collaboration.

We envision a society where everyone has a stake in solving local and global developmental issues, and there exists a robust support-system for every noble intention to transform into action. We aim to achieve a cohesive future together, collaboratively, and sustainably.

Leading Organizations On Wishonary

Sustainable Impact Creation

We connect organisations that are working on ground, or  supporting social entrepreneurs and grassroots level organizations around the world to improve the reach, quality and sustainability of their work.


Empowering Change

Wishonary brings organisations together to share best practices for supporting grassroots level organizations. As a result, our members can provide higher quality support to social entrepreneurs – empowering even more of them to create lasting change in our world.

Impact At Scale

We encourage organizations to collaborate with each other bringing operational scale, efficiencies and more opportunities to create meaningful impact at scale.



What We Offer

Crowd Connect

Through Wishonary’s powerful and intuitive web-based platform, Organizations can connect with Volunteers, Entrepreneurs, and Funding Agencies to share knowledge, resources and collaborate for social impact.

  • Verified Members Profile

  • Meaningful Networking

  • Seamless Sharing Of Ideas

  • Supportive Community

Crowd Funding

The philosophy of Crowdfunding is based on the Power Of The Crowd, that can solve the world's toughest problems together. The crowd and Mission-Driven organizations when come together can change the world.

  • Managed Fundraising Service

  • Peer To Peer Fundraising

    Coming Soon
  • Recurring Donation

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  • White label Donation Page

Crowd Sharing

Through online platforms and inspiring events, Wishonary is trying to spark conversations with the wider community, creating awareness of a more collaborative world and enabling sharing of resources.

  • Online Job Board 

  • Share Resources Through Online Portal

  • Share Ideas And Collaborate

  • Hackathons To Drive Innovative Solutions

Want to work together?

Collaborations are key to changing the world and creating solutions that change the world. There are many ways for us to connect and deepen collective impact. Get in touch with us today.