We providing daily wage earners with relief packages that include their basic and essential needs, like food and sanitization kits.

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Delhi, India

Like many other countries, India is facing an unprecedented crisis due to the Coronavirus outbreak. As India moves towards a complete lockdown for at least 33 days to fight the pandemic, unorganised working sector living on daily wages would encounter an adverse financial impact. At least 225 million daily wage workers hardly earn Rs. 210 per day and have no access to social security. It is going to be devastating and inconceivable for them as the lockdown pushes their only means of subsistence into darkness.


It is thus the time for us to go beyond politics, borders, differences and unite together to support these daily wage workers. We, would like to raise a courteous call to everyone in the global community to come front and join hands together in financially supporting this vulnerable workforce amid the COVID-19 pandemic.


Your spare cash will go a long way in helping the needy!


We providing daily wage earners with relief packages that include their basic and essential needs, like food and sanitization kits. While these organisations are drawing all possible support from the local Indian community, we are helping them in reaching out to the people in the wider Indian and International community to support their COVID-19 campaign.


Campaign Objectives


NITYA FOUNDATION have a common objective to support COVID-impacted daily wage earners and elders, but they have different operational capacity and different relief kits. We provide details of each campaign below:


1) Society for Poor People Development (SPPD)


Target: 3000 families => 2625*300= ~ Rs. 78,75,000

Details: SPPD has made standardised monthly food and sanitization package for a family, costing Rs. 2625. Each kit contains 25 kg Rice (Rs. 35 per kg), 3 kg Dall (Rs. 110 per kg), vegetables (Rs.250 X 4 weeks = Rs.1000), milk (Rs.300), and sanitising kit comprising sanitizer and anti-bacterial soaps and masks (Rs. 120).


2) Rapid Response

Partnering with


Chitrakoot Sewa Ashram-Chitrakoot-U.P.

Nalanda Mother Teresa Anath Sewa Ashram-Nalanda-Bihar

Asha Charitable Trust, Dausa-Rajasthan

Deep Vidhya Mandir Samiti, Dausa-Rajasthan

Samarthan Manav Kalyan Samiti, Allahabad

Image Education World, Ahmedabad

Life Care Foundation, Bijnor



Target: 3000 families for two weeks => 1600*3000 = Rs.48,00,000  

Details: Rapid response (in collaboration with Sawed Trust) will distribute a family relief kit which contains dry ration & hygiene, costing Rs 1600 for two weeks. A Safety & Hygiene Kit costs Rs 600 which includes Handwash Liquid, Soap, Dettol, Phenol, Bleaching Powder, and Masks. A Dry Ration Relief Kit costs Rs 1000 which includes Rice, Wheat, Dal, Cooking Oil, Sugar, Salt & Biscuit Packets.


3) Helpage India


Target: 3000 families for two weeks => 1500*3000 = Rs.45,00,000  

Details: The cost of Help Age India relief kit is Rs. 1500 per family for two weeks. It includes 10 kg Rice (Rs. 600), 3 kg Dal (Rs. 375), Salt-Sugar-Oil (Rs. 165), Kitchen Masala (Rs. 150), Sanitizing Kit (Rs. 210).



These are our financial targets but many of these NGO require around 8-10 times financial support of what we mentioned above. If raised funds exceed our target, we will proportionately distribute them among these NGO’s. These NGOs will also create social awareness about COVID-19 and will ensure social distancing measures during distribution.



Thank you for your support!



For more information on our organization, please visit our profile:

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