Support Our Research: COVID-19 and Education in Urban and Rural Indian Schools

Support Jan Akanksha’s research on the impact of digital technology as a new process of learning on both the teachers and the students. It aims to document the problems faced, come up with the necessary solutions and present the report for further implementation. 

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Lucknow, India

With the declaration of pandemic-imposed lockdown and no sign of lowering rates in the number of confirmed cases, almost all the schools and educational institutions in India have turned to digital modes of interaction in order to carry on with their regular curriculum. 



However, with India being the ‘Republic of Villages’ and only 24% of the population owning smartphones and only half of them with stable internet connections, it has been extremely difficult as to how the digitization of education is possible especially with respect to the first-generation digital learners, most of whom are teachers. Hence, we aim to study the failures, processes and further delve deep in order to find the right solutions. We are being supported by Wishonary and The Bookmark Agency in Lucknow. 



The Goal

The study aims to analyze the causes of the current teaching problem in the schools and the performance of existing new teaching methods in order to analyze and study different modes for planning,  restructuring, and repositioning new teaching methods and to suggest measures to solve the problem of learning in school. 


Our Approach

  1. The study will be done through primary research and collection of data through google forms and telephonic interviews based on responses to the questionnaire by teachers/principals/school heads.
  2. The outcome of the research will be collated as a handbook/research paper that will be shared with the media, citizens, school representatives, and administration to create awareness regarding the paradigm shift in the area of teaching/learning due to COVID-19.
  3. Recommendations from the same will be advocated by school representatives and government administrators to enable alteration/streamlining/better implementation of present online learning practices and its policies.
  4. The research will be conducted for a period of 30 days, with 200 interns who will be interviewing 8000 teachers (from urban and rural, all Govt./Private schools in India) and 2000 Principals/School Heads (urban and rural, all Govt./Private schools in India).


Our Beneficiaries 

  1. Teachers and students from various rural and urban schools and educational institutions (both government and privately owned).
  2. Ones who do not have access to digital modes or are finding it unmanageable.
  3. First-generation digital learners (both students and teachers). 
  4. Educational institutions, both government and privately owned, in urban as well as in rural India. 
  5. Government administrators and policymakers. 


The first step towards digitizing education is to ensure both the learners and the educators are digitally updated. Help us in ensuring a better future for post-pandemic India. 


How Can You Help Us?

  1. Donate to Us.
    In the initial phase, there is no paid remuneration, but a meaningful amount of rupees 5,00,000 INR has been proposed. 
  2. Work with Us. 
  3. Volunteer/Intern. 


For further information, contact Pradeep Singh, National Secretary of Jana Akanksha, and co-founder of ROOTS2BLOOM Lucknow, at 9198715132.