Request For Arjun’s Bright Future

A good education for Arjun can help him to lead a life full of confidence and respect, otherwise, he might never be able to break the poverty cycle he is into.


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Devnagri, India

“When I will grow up, I will be a doctor and help people having disabilities for free” Said Arjun, when we asked him what he wants to become in the future. Arjun can not walk because of disability and is forced to quit his education because of his family condition. A good education for Arjun can help him to lead a life full of confidence and respect, otherwise, he might never be able to break the poverty cycle he is into.


Mr, Kishan is a family head he staying with his wife Bala Bai and 4 children out of their 4 children, 3 are specially-abled in locomotor (2 male and 1 female) 1 child is a school dropout. Out of 3 Disabled Children, two children can`t walk properly they are depending on the wheelchair. And retune walk to schools is very difficult, and then also with the help of neighbor’s children, they go to school.

His professional is from last 25 years as a “PLASTIC BASKET REPAIR”, routine to go one place from other places, and most of the times from out of Davangere city and Mr Krishna`s wife Bala Bai also help to run the family by working as a rag picker, she picks roadside scrap and plastic and then sells the collected items(Gujari items) through which she merely earns hardly Rs, 100/- to Rs,150/- and with the help of that income they are surviving their day to day`s life.

With that income, managing expenses for 3 Children education, as well as hospital expenses, etc are a bigger challenge for them. The family is staying a mud shed of municipality land which is made of Old Banner and plastic (taat), the family is not having any Land, House, Ration card, or any other benefits from the Government and schemes.

Mr. Kishan and Bala Bai believe that the only way that can support their kids to lead a life with confidence and dignity is through education. The family spends almost 70% of their total earning on the education and medical expenses for their children but still, that money is not sufficient for them to pay the fees of their children.

We are doing this fundraiser to help Mr. Kishan and Bala Bai raise funds for the education of their children so that they can lead a good life in the future and break this cycle of poverty. By just paying 17,000/- you can support Arjun with the following:
1. New Uniform
2. Course Materials And Stationary
3. Tuition Fee For A Year
4. Physiotherapy At School

Be a part of our fundraiser and support Arjun, your contribution will go a long way and it will not only support Arjun but it will also inspire him to be a good person and support others.


  • 08-06-2020

    Pledges Received

    We have received Rs. 5000 pledge amount to support this campaign from Mr. Nishant Ruwali, We thank him for his contribution to this campaign.

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