Support Cancer Patients During Covid 19 pandemic

Coping with the Covid-19 pandemic has been challenging for most of us. However, the plight of cancer patients has largely gone unnoticed. As their immunity is relatively much lower, they are more vulnerable to infections. They not only have to go the extra mile to be safe from the wrath of Covid-19, but they also have to battle cancer during these unprecedented times. Your support is required to provide medicines and other basic supplements to 50+ cancer patients and survivors.

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Pune, India

During the Covid-19 pandemic, where on the one side the entire nation was discussing the future for migrant laborers and weaker sections of the society, patients suffering from chronic diseases like cancer were waiting for getting any support from the government or not for profit agencies. And this suffering increased manifold because of restrictions, unavailability of doctors, medicines, and basic healthcare, and their susceptibility to this lethal viral infection.

Cancer itself is a monstrous life-threatening disease that inflicts great physical pain and mental agony; however, for vulnerable communities with insufficient access to good medical facilities and meager financial resources, their hardships become unimaginably pathetic.

The menace of cancer not only severely affects the patients but also drains the life savings of their families. The ill-effects of the disease increase manifold in the financially weaker communities.

In such unprecedented times, supporting and aiding these vulnerable and brave cancer patients becomes the need of the hour.

Need for Donation

CPAA Pune draws its entire annual budget from corporate and individual donations. Due to the unforeseen situation created by the Covid-19 pandemic, many of their corporate donors are unable to support them in these times. But they cannot stop supporting their patients.

At present, they provide support for around 50 patients on a monthly basis for medicines and ration supplies.


CPAA’s goal is to provide budgeted medical and radiation aid, food grains, and supplementary diet to the patients suffering from cancer with weak financial background. Once they are registered with CPAA, they help them with the budgeted medicines they require for as long as it is required.


Since CPAA Pune is not able to support their patients with food grains due to the current pandemic, they are trying to support them to the maximum cost of their medicines which is becoming increasingly difficult for them in the current situation.

Due to the lockdown their office is closed but their patients need the medicines for chemotherapy on time. They are coordinating with their chemist to ensure the same. Cancer patients are vulnerable to any infection as their immunity is low. They are trying to give them medicines for at least the next six months so that the patients do not need to travel every week/month to the chemist to take the medicine.

CPAA Pune is working closely with its network hospitals and chemists. They request your support to ensure that the treatment of their patients is not hampered in these difficult times.

Budget Required

On average CPAA Pune’s monthly expenses to meet the requirement of the patients are about Rs. 1,70,000/-.

The cost per patient on an average varies from Rs. 3500/- to Rs. 12,000/- every month.

They also have a number of patients who have successfully defeated cancer and are on a maintenance medicine which they need to take lifelong. The cost of their medicine is around Rs. 2200/- every month.