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Support our campaign to provide access to education, medical facilities, and mentoring for specially-abled students in Devnagere, Karnatka to ensure they lead a healthy life and become economically and physically self-dependent and lead a life full of confidence and respect.

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Devnagere, Karnataka, India

In India, we come across hundreds of children begging in the streets, and on buses and trains, most of whom are physically challenged. Arjun, Bindiya, Karan, Subbaraj, Suman, Priyanka and Suma are some of these faces, crying for help. They live in Davangere, a city in the South-Indian state of Karnataka, that has made it to the list of 250 most backward towns and cities in India (in terms of poverty).

The parents of these differently-abled children whose daily income is limited to Rs. 150, cannot bear the expenses of their child’s medical and educational requirements. As a result of it, most of them are on the verge of dropping out of school and due to the lack of rehabilitation facilities, their health gets worse with each passing day.

Sankalpa Disabled Education and Development Organisation which has been functional since 2007, has helped them in every possible way. However, times are difficult and due to a shortage of resources, our volunteers now find it challenging to carry on with their mission, solely.

Let’s ensure a bright future for Specially-abled children.
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The Goal


Facilitating access to rights and entitlements by promoting education, livelihood, and rehabilitation opportunities among the specially-abled to ensure that they lead a more or less healthy life and later become economically independent.

Our Approach


  1. Have Their Own Voice
  2. Promote Human Resource Development by involving key functionaries of the Government.
  3. Organize public education and skill-development programs to create awareness on disability and the need for rehabilitation.
  4. Establish linkages with existing medical, educational, and employment services.
  5. Provide organizational support like Day Care Service, Respite Care Service, and Early Intervention Services for children with disabilities.
  6. Provision of free healthcare services.


Who Will Benefit From Our Efforts?


  1. Differently-abled children and individuals, especially the ones living in abject poverty.
  2. Common people in rural areas through awareness programs.
  3. Rural people from economically disadvantaged sections.
  4. Gram Panchayats, ASHA, and Anganwadi workers and governmental functionaries.

The future isn’t bright if it isn’t inclusive. Instead of lending them your voice, lend them the platform where they can have their voice. Your Donation will help us realize the abilities of these differently-abled children. Donate today!


Help us realize the abilities of differently-abled children!


The yearly expenses of one differently-abled child amount to not more than Rs. 25,000.

Cost Breakdown:

Yearly educational expenses per child: Rs. 15,000.

Yearly expenses of comprehensive therapies for each differently-abled child: Rs. 10,000.


 Contact Secretary:

Suresh Jalagar, Secretary at Sankalpa

Mail: || Phone: 6361427927


Contact our team to know more about our program:

Mail:    ||  Facebook  || Phone: 6361427927


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  • 10-08-2020

    Received Donation

    We Thank Mr. Aditya for his kind donation of Rs.10,000/- to support our cause.