Stray Dogs Project promotes responsibility and love. This project aims to collect people who surely will give his time to save and stop abusing dogs. By using the online world, it would be much easier for us to spread awareness about this project and give more information about this violence. This project has platforms to be done in the near future and help change our society.

“Stray Dogs Projects” helps every people to be more loving in any kind of animal. It will benefit not only the animals especially the dogs but also the people and give them the true meaning of love and sacrifice. The respect we give them is one way in giving peace to humanity. And by giving people the realization that every animal we see, every dog we encounter is an angel in disguise.

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bijnor, U.P., India


Life care foundation is an AOP (Trust) registered under Society Registration Act 1860 as well Income Tax Act and eligible for exemption under section 12A. The formation date of the trust is 21st April, 2014 and situated at Village – Noorpur road Nindru, Dhampur, Bijnor, Uttar Pradesh – 246761. The distance of the trust from Dhampur city having population approx 50,000 as per census 2011, is just 4 Km and from Bijnor, the district headquarter is 50 Km. Life care foundation is as registered non-political, non-profit making and non-sectarian trust having secular constitution which is committed to sustainable development of their rural community and uplift of the deprived and underprivileged women, children, scheduled castes, other backward classes and those living below poverty line irrespective of caste, creed, sex and religion. The organization is committed to concentrate on the empowerment of rural people especially women, as women are the strongest tool of social change and through them the other weaker sections of the society can be covered and motivated. The organization is rooted in the philosophy that the progress and development of the rural area only take place when people reside in the particular field are mobilized/empowered.


Dogs, a man’s best friend, that’s what they call it a companion, a service, a security, and a family. Many people want dogs for they are cute and loving. Dogs have been a part of the people’s life for they give genuine happiness to humankind.

Mostly the good qualities we’ve been looking for to our kind are found on our pets, mostly dogs.

According to the scientists,

  • Dogs are naturally born with a sense of loyalty to its owner and every dog has their own way in showing it.
  • Second is being compassionate, dogs can feel that you are either sad or happy and know how to comfort you.
  • Third, its unconditional love, they gave to every person they encounter. Dogs loves to love, with no strings attached you will feel it deep in your heart how they really care for you.
  • Fourth is one of the best thing is that they are selfless. Dogs give you joy, without even thinking of themselves for their main goal is to make you happy and just make sure you show them kindness and compassion, dogs will return the favor.
  • Next is forgiving. We people have hard times letting go of the things from the past that keep us from hatred but not dogs.
  • And last, dogs are non-judgmental. They may sometimes have reservation but their purpose is your security. They may sense something wrong but not to judge us. Dogs will never look in your looks, they will never see you as they see you physically but they will look deep in you. And dogs surely love you inside out.


Stray Dogs Project wants to spread awareness to humankind that dogs are friends not slaves, food, trashes nor enemies. We aim to help not only dogs but also the people who lack knowledge about taking care for dogs. We also aim to make the people realized that criminality and violence our pets are experiencing now for we are not only experiencing these criminality because dogs are family and what we do also affects them. We also aim to lessen the case about this abuse or much better to stop it.

  1. Details of the Expenditure

Budget (for 150 Stray Dogs)


Sr. No. Name of Activity Expenditure
1. Base line survey   200000.00
2. Volunteers groups Training   150000.00
3. Training and motivational camp   460000.00
4. Procurement of tools & Bardana   250000.00
5. Procurement of  Vehicle for transportation   300000.00
6. Procurement of shelter   800000.00
7. Feeding per year 2000000.00
8. Vaccination per year   540000.00
9. Expenditure on exposure visit   400000.00
10. Honorarium on project coordinator   300000.00
11. Transportation Expenses   100000.00
12. Contingency Expenses   100000.00
13. Salary to Staff & Workers   400000.00
Total Expenditure 6000000.00


Note: The sponsor/donors are requested to donate 100% grant on this project which will be dynamically improved in the financial status of the targeted area.

For more details about our organization, Please visit our profile:


Name Donate Amount Date
Javed Ali 1,500 June 05, 2020
JEESHAN ALI 1,000 June 01, 2020
Mohd Abuzar 220 May 31, 2020
Nadeem Ahmad 280 May 28, 2020


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