Clean Corbett: Adopt A Village!

Clean villages means clean habitats. Support youth and women SHGs to bring waste management to 20 villages around Corbett Tiger Reserve.
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Ramnagar, India

The Need for Change

There are fewer tourists now, but imagine a national park that’s famous for years of plastic waste more than its tigers or elephants. This is where Corbett is headed, as India’s first Tiger Reserve and Asia’s first National Park.

Over 200,000 tourists came here in 2019, and left behind a mountain of waste for villages to deal with. It is time to support Corbett’s fragile rural communities to reduce the impact of waste on wildlife and degraded forest habitats in the beautiful Himalayan Terai Arc Landscape.

Since 2013, Waste Warriors Corbett’s 9 local team members and 15 SHG women have tirelessly managed waste around eastern Corbett. Efforts to engage villages, change behaviors, and build SWM systems have slowed down habitat degradation and mitigated the impact of waste pollution on wildlife and rural communities.

Adopt a village and help keep Corbett clean.
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The Goal

Reduce the environmental impact on animals and forests caused by habitat degradation, plastic waste pollution, and climate change, by strengthening rural systems for solid waste management.

Our Approach

Mitigate Environmental Impact By:

  1. Community Behavioral Change Through Best SWM Practices.
  2. Activating and Sustaining Rural Waste Management Systems.
  3. Supporting Local Youth and Empowering Women Through Livelihood Development & Skill-Building.
  4. Partnering with Key Government & Tourism Bodies.

Waste Warriors Corbett Self-Help Group Women

Who Will Benefit From Our Efforts?

  1. Keystone species (Tigers and Elephants) & regional flora & fauna
  2. Thousands of families and students in rural communities
  3. Hundreds of micro/small food and hospitality businesses
  4. Tourists and park visitors through behavioral change
  5. Gram Panchayats (Village Councils) & Forest Department

Clean village communities around Corbett means a cleaner and safer environment for wildlife, like Tigers, Elephants, Deer, and even birds. Adopt a village and help keep Corbett clean. Donate today!

Waste Warriors in Corbett

Waste Warriors Corbett began in October 2013 with the goal of building sustainable SWM systems for the villages around the waste-stricken Himalayan forests of the famed Jim Corbett Tiger Reserve in Uttarakhand, India. From 1991 to 2019 domestic and international tourists visiting Corbett, India’s first Tiger Reserve and Asia’s first National Park, have risen each year from around 45,000 to 2 lakh!

The biggest challenge has been managing huge amounts of solid waste generated by tourists, by countless hotels and resorts, and by the local community being forced to keep up with the business at the cost of their environment. Waste is increasing exponentially, while waste management remains stagnant.

Clean Corbett, One Village At A Time!

The annual cost of setting up an SWM system in 1 village is Rs. 3,25,000. Operational cost to maintain these SWM systems for 1 year is:

Please contact our team to learn more about our program:

Puspendu Mandal, Project Manager, Waste Warriors Corbett, Ramnagar

  • Email:
  • Phone: +91 79741 46152

Bhuwan Kapri, Growth Manager, Waste Warriors Society, Dehradun

  • Email:
  • Phone: +91 96577 81830


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