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Clean Corbett: Adopt a Village!

Waste Warriors Corbett fundraiser to reduce the environmental impact on animals and forests caused by habitat degradation, plastic waste pollution, and climate change, by strengthening rural systems for solid waste management.

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Clean Corbett:
Adopt A Village

There are no tourists now, but imagine a national park that’s famous for years of plastic waste more than its tigers or elephants. This is where Corbett is headed, as India’s first Tiger Reserve and Asia’s first National Park. Over 200,000 tourists came here in 2019, and left behind a mountain of waste for villages to deal with. It is time to support Corbett’s fragile rural communities to mitigate the impact of waste on key wildlife and degraded forest habitats in the beautiful Terai Arc Landscape.

With its presence in air, water, and soil, plastic pollution is an unacknowledged pandemic. The widespread dumping and burning of plastics is a regular sight around Corbett, and there is an urgent need to prevent it by strengthening Corbett’s rural solid waste management systems.

Since 2013, Waste Warriors Corbett’s 9 local team members and 15 SHG women have tirelessly managed waste around eastern Corbett. Efforts to engage villages, change behaviours, and build SWM systems have slowed down habitat degradation and mitigated the impact of waste pollution.

Our local youth team and SHG women face a new challenge and are trying to adapt to manage the waste to reduce its impact on the forest & the animals. We want to continue this brave work. We want to keep shining a light on waste management and its urgent need in these difficult times.

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Our Approach

Mitigate Environmental
Impact Through:


Changing community behavior through awareness


Activating rural waste management systems


Developing livelihoods & skills for youths and women


Partnering with government and tourism bodies


Support us to clean corbett, One village at a time

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Clean Corbett, One Village at a time

The annual cost of setting up a SWM system in 1 village is Rs. 3,25,000. Operational cost to maintain these SWM systems for 1 year is Rs. 65 Lakhs






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