Fundraising Campaign for Dharavi

Aatmnirbhar Shaksham Dharavi

Support this fundraising campaign to provide Skill Development Trainings and Infrastructure to marginalized crafts people community of dharavi to create export quality products and live a decent life.

Our Dream

Our Dream is to empower local craftsmen to create world class luxury products

Wayshowers Foundation was created to address the problem of creating and maintaining high quality products.

This non-profit organization focuses on the skills training and vocational training of the Craftsmen so that goods of export quality with latest technology can be made in Dharavi while also giving certain benefits to their families in the sectors of health, education, sanitation, arts, sports and music through their point-based program called SOCCS. 

90 Feet is our registered brand which aims to create a sustainable eco-friendly range of products using the latest materials like plant leather, recycled plastic and fabric etc. It is a very Dharavi centric brand. Dharavi Market aims to tie up with best design schools like NIFT or ISDI, Mumbai to create inventory for the brand. The brand will be promoted for retail, corporate and export sales.

The aim is to focus on holistic development of the people of Dharavi so that the locals too believe they have equal opportunities to grow and succeed. By creating the infrastructure and ecosystem needed, we hope to ‘show the way’ development needs to be done in informal sectors where win-win situations are created for the skilled craftsmen and their families, the consumers, the middle-men and the state.

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Our Goals

What We Want To Achieve

More than 50,000 craftsmen are out of work due to the pandemic, all living within the 2km radius in the slum settlements of Dharavi. This leaves 50,000 craftsmen and their entire families dangerously vulnerable and helpless.

Our Approach

Our Steps for
Holistic Development


An ideal 500 sq.ft workshop in Dharavi as a role model.


Place locally made products in Branded Store with Made In India Tags.


Skill Training
Comprehensive course for craftsmen on Product and Quality enhancement.


Collaborations with businesses to generate more national and international bulk orders.

Support us to make dharavi a role model for crafts community

Our Partners

Our Partners & Supporters


Support us to make dharavi a role model for crafts community

Founder's Message